Valencia fans wait to celebrate after Lim prepares to sell the club.

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Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim plans to sell Valencia to a Saudi investor. After being opposed and repelled by bat fans football for a long time.

Alex Silbestre revealed on ‘El Chiringuito’ on Thursday that Valencia fans are preparing for a big celebration. After reports indicate that Peter Lim and Meriton Holdings, the club’s ownership group, are preparing to sell the bat team to a venture capital group from Saudi Arabia. 

According to the report, an unnamed Saudi investor is interested in buying Valencia from Peter Lim and Meriton Holdings, the club’s owners. Although no serious proposals have been submitted. But it is considered good news that bat team fans have been waiting for a long time UFABET 

‘In the next few days, he’ll ask how much Peter Lim sold Valencia for. At what price will he sell the shares he has in Valencia? The first thing he wanted to know was if Lim was willing to sell his shares and at what price.’

‘He’s serious, it’s not an offer like everyone else. That’s not even close to what Lim would have asked for, this guy is serious and he also likes football.’ Silbestre said.

Currently, Valencia is in a difficult situation, struggling to escape relegation. After swiping to 18th place with 23 points from 23 games played. But only one point away from the safety zone.

Regardless of how the takeover of the club takes place. It should have been welcomed by the Valencia fans who opposed and expelled Peter Lim from the Mestalla. After a Singaporean billionaire became a major shareholder since 2012.