How to play Pok Deng online?

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For how to play Pok Deng online, it’s very easy. which is not much different from playing in real life. Just not sitting in a circle with real people, face to face, touching each other. Only by playing through the web, we must enter the game room and sit down on the betting table. Wait until the players have reached the required number. It will start the game as follows.

  1. Must have one person choose to be the dealer The rest will be players UFABET
  2. The dealer deals cards to everyone seated on the table, with 2 cards dealt to each person first, and himself being the last.
  3. Everyone will see their own cards to see how many points they get. If anyone gets playing cards The system will automatically show cards. And if the person who has entered is the dealer, the game will stop immediately. Then let’s look at the results between the dealer and the player.
  4. In case the dealer has not yet entered, can continue playing. Whoever has less points can request a 3rd card.
  5. Measure the score between the player and the dealer. If you win, the dealer will receive the prize money. But if you lose, you have to pay money to the dealer.
  6. End the game and start playing again.

How to play Pok Deng online to win?

We can beat this game with a variety of techniques. But the most popular bet is to bet on a 2-leg bounce, although there is a risk. but has a chance to win Get the same high profit And also to reduce the chance that the dealer will play less as well. However, the use of this technique requires a considerable amount of capital.

How to play Pokdeng English is not difficult at all, right? Either playing in real life or playing online. In addition, the way to play bounce to win is not difficult as well. who has a good technique I used it. And you will definitely get both fun and a lot of money back.