Greenwood is also fragrant with many teams swarming.

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has received interest from many teams who are ready to pull him to use. The latter’s future with the Red Devils is yet to be finalized.

Greenwood hasn’t played for Manchester United in over a year. or since playing the last match in January last year. After being arrested for attempted rape Mayhem and compulsive behavior. 

last February The prosecutor’s office withdrew all charges after police announced that. The evidence was insufficient to convict. In addition, important witnesses withdrew. 

Greenwood has reportedly met up with his United team-mates many of whom would welcome the 21-year-old back to the team. But the Women’s team have expressed their reluctance to see him at Old Trafford UFABET

The young striker has not trained with the team despite the charges being withdrawn. makes the future of football with the Red Devils still unclear give the other team a chance 

According to the Daily Telegraph, Greenwood has acquired many clubs in Europe. Such as Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands. As well as from many other countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Nigeria.

Greenwood is contracted to United until 2025 and the club have the option to extend it for another year.