Arsenal locks Saliba a new contract talks next to Saka.

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Arsenal plan to negotiate a new contract with William Saliba as soon as Bukayo Saka’s queue ends. British media Daily Star reports that. Arsenal are moving forward to negotiate new contracts with many players. After completing the contract renewal with Bukayo Saka. He will aim for Saliba as the next one.

This season, Arsenal renewed the contracts of Brazilian centre-back Gabriel Magalhaes in October last year. And Brazil forward Gabriel Martinelli in early February. At the same time, the condition for extending the term of the contract for another year. With Mohamed Elneny has already been used.

Arsenal are currently negotiating a new contract with Saka and if an agreement is reach. The next one will be the queue of Saliba, who has show excellent form this season. Which is the first year that has played in the Premier League UFABET

Saliba joined Arsenal from Saint-Etienne in 2019. The length of the contract is speculate to be five years. Or stay at the Emirates Stadium until one year 2024 through the past three seasons was sent to play with Saint-Etienne, Nice and Olympique Marseille all on loan.

After Saliba’s excellent form led the team to seven wins from eight Premier League games keeping three clean sheets and scoring two goals. It was reported that Arsenal were preparing to offer him a new contract with him immediately. While the original one has only 2 years left and there are news. That many clubs are closely monitoring the situation.